Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., Western Region is split into 12 subdivisons governed by their respective state and or area director Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii, N. Nevada, S. Nevada, N. California, S. California, Northeast Area (CO, WY & MT), Northwest Area (ID, OR, & WA), Japan Area, Korea Area, and Middle East Area. Below is a listing of current State and Area Directors for the Western Region:

Alaska State Director

Arizona State Director
Bro. Lonnie Walls

N. California State Director
Bro. Cedric Soso

S. California State Director
Bro. Benjamin Kelso

Hawaii State Director
Bro. Johnny Davis

N. Nevada State Director
Bro. Anthony Dionisi

S. Nevada State Director
Bro. Adrian Hunt

Northeast Area Director
Bro. Van McGee

Northwest Area Director
Bro. Richard Johnson

Japan Area Director
Bro. Terrell Bennett

S. Korea Area Director

Middle East Area Director
Bro. David Sledge