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Collegiate Chapter Spotlight - Kappa Lambda

February 3, 2018 By Emma Scher, The UW Daily

Reactivated fraternity probate unites multicultural Greek community.

“Imagine what the world would be like if we didn’t have to deal with prejudice, or if we didn’t have to deal with hate,” posed Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Kappa Lambda Chapter President Yarid Mera on Friday night.

It was with this proposition in mind that attendees watched the presentation of Phi Beta Sigma’s new initiates probated on February 2, 2018.

Phi Beta Sigma is a historically African American fraternity. It has been on campus since 1978, but became inactive in the early 2010's. The chapter was reactivated last year, and its presence continues to be well received by the UW community.

“There has been multicultural Greek life on campus,” chapter Vice President Josh Dawson said. “This was just a sect that was missing, and people felt it.”

Both the stands and additional seating were overflowing with friends, families, and members of other multicultural fraternities on campus to watch the presentation of the fraternity’s newest initiates.

Kappa Lambda Chapter's four collegiate initiates, Jon Yee, Davon White, Dishawnn Newell, Tim Iwuoha performed along side alumni associate initiate Ian Johnon, who attends Washington State University, Friday night. Emerging with bald heads, the new initiates performed a series of dances, skits, and recitations as part of their presentation to the multicultural community.

“This is our way of welcoming our new initiates to the Greek community,” Mera said. “It’s not the biggest community out there, but we’re strong and tight-knit.”

During their recitations, the initiates also showed off their knowledge of other fraternities and sororities in the National Pan-Hellenic Council, which are the nine historically African American fraternities and sororities. They gave special attention to Zeta Phi Beta, their constitutionally-bound sister sorority.

Friday’s probate is only one of the ways that Kappa Lambda reaches out to the greater Puget Sound community. Along with Epsilon Epsilon Sigma, their alumni chapter, they also participate in two adopt-a street programs, mentor male students at their adopt-a-school, TAF @ Saghalie, volunteer for Northwest Harvest, and provide tuturing, SAT prep workshops, scholarships to local high scool students.

At the probate, Sigma members were selling wristbands to fundraise for their signature program Step Into Education program which takes place throughout the school year.

Step Into Education is an outreach program in which college students visit high schools, community colleges, and businesses to encourage them to pursue higher education.

“We understand that we’ve been given so many resources and we can’t help but want to use our fields to help,” Dawson said.


Wtr '18 Warithi Wa Taji = Heirs To The Crown:

1KL WTR '18 | Jon Yee ska ATLAΣ
Major: Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology
GPA: 3.56
Involvements: University of Washington Alumni Association, Husky Leadership Certificate, UW + Amazon Mentors, Minority Association of Pre-Health Students

2KL WTR '18 | Davon White ska ΣHABAZZ
Major: Communications
GPA: 2.75
Involvements: Vice President for Hip-Hop Student Association, Community Organizer for Project Pilgrimage, Content Contributor for

3EES WTR '18 | Akil Washington ska NOΣTALGIA
Education: University of Washington Graduate
Profession: Software Developer

4KL WTR '18 | Dishawwn Newell ska ΣHAMAN
Major: Psychology
GPA: 3.48
Involvements: US Navy Veteran

5EES WTR '18 | Adama Seck ska ΣAMPSON
Education: St. Martins University Graduate
Profession: Program Coordinator/Male Mentor

6KL WTR '18 | Tim Iwuoha ska ΣHOWTIME
Major: Public Health
GPA: 3.4
Involvements: Minority Association of Pre-Health Students, Black Student Union, African Student Association, Seattle MESA Volunteer, Certified Nursing Assistant

7EES WTR '18 | Ian Johnson ska REΣOLUTE
Major: Civil Engineering
GPA: 3.0
Involvements: NSBE

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