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Fraternal Connection Benefits Centennial HS

February 11, 2018 By Bro. Dr. Mike Baslee, W. Region Dir., of Social Action

Yesterday my Centennial High School students benefited from my fraternal connections.

Bro. Dr. Theo Fowles, Kappa Delta Sigma Chapter | Carson, CA, personally reached out and got us space to attend College Access Day at University of Southern California (USC). Thirt-three of my juniors got to spend an entire day on the amazing USC campus hearing from speakers about how to get into world class learning institutions, including a cool keynote from Bro. Dr. Fowles that was a musical meditation on the elements of pursuing ones goals succesfully. I thank my brother and am so glad to have so many amazing people in my life who are mutually aligned toward sharing resources in order to SERVE the community.

College Access Day is dedicated to providing an opportunity for high school students in the surrounding Los Angeles Community to visit campus for a day in order to engage in broadening their knowledge about the college admission process, academic expectations, and life outside of the classroom.

The event is possible due to the dedication of undergraduate resident volunteers of USC South Area and other members USC student organizations who participated. USC South Area is looking forward to continuing its public service work and commitment to social justice activities with the leadership of its resident faculty and staff in coming school years.

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