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UW OMA&D Welcome Daze

UW OMA&D Welcome Daze | September 22, 2017

University of Washington Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity's (OMA&D) Welcome Daze helps first-year students learn about campus and community resources, diverse campus organizations, and cultural activities. Epsilon Epsilon Sigma and Kappa Lambda chapters are honored to partner once again with the OMA&D. Thank you to Vice President for Minority Affairs & Diversity Bro. Rickey Hall and his staff of administrators who continue to increase diversity on campus and enrich the collegiate experience of allUniversity of Washington OMA&D Welcome Daze students, faculty and staff.

"This event was great two fold, in that we got a chance to come out and support our brother and also interact with the incoming freshman and transfer students - Committee Brothers Bond, Buchanan, Conrad-Webster, Durden, Leonard, Pegues, Pitre, and Silvano continue to impress me" was the response from Julian Heyward, President of Seattle area Alumni chapter, "Our Collegiate MIP Committee reactivated Kappa Lambda chapter last spring with six initiates and continue to recruit tirelessly in hopes of adding more to our wondrous band this fall."

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