Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. has spent many years assisting disenfranchised voters during different times in American History. Today, in many states, voting rights are under siege again. Phi Beta Sigma chapters throughout the country are encouraged to continuously register and educate citizens to participate in the democratic process. Project Vote is still relevant and needed today. Phi Beta Sigma will still work diligently with Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc to ensure that we positively impact the voter registration process in may of our communities. The focus areas of Project Vote are:

  • Voter Registration

  • Voter Awareness

  • Get out the Vote

The Project Vote Program goals are to develop targets for voter registration during the mid-term elections in 2016, increase the awareness of the electorate and stress the importance of the mid-term elections. The program offers tips and provide tools that allow each chapter to deliver to their communities the value-added knowledge of the election process and make the community aware of the relevant issues on the ballot.

Minorities constitute between 25 percent of all eligible voters: what a powerful force if properly harnessed. It is astounding that 66.2 percent of eligible African Americans voted in the 2012 election. We must continue to be vigilant in stressing the importance of remaining relevant in the electoral process. This will ensure that candidates seeking office will address our issues of concern: work in this area today is as important as it was during the fight for the right to vote in the 1960s. Our chapters must be involved and inform others on the importance of being involved in the electorate process. We hope that the tools and resources contained in this section of our website provide the information to equip each chapter with the knowledge to make a difference.

For information please visit our IHQ.